[Zope-CMF] Re: Directory-based skin layers?

Ricardo Newbery newbery at dvgroup.com
Wed Apr 21 19:43:07 EDT 2004

Thanks for the suggestions.  Got a follow up question.

Again, I'm trying to grok how this skinning machinery works and 
looking for the best way to insert "local" skin layers (as opposed to 
the "global" layers in the skins_portal).

Let's see if I understand the basic steps...

The SkinnableObjectManager calls self.setupCurrentSkin(),
which tries to get the skin via getSkinNameFromRequest(),
then sets the skin via changeSkin(),
which sets the volatile variable
     _v_skindata = (self.REQUEST, skinobj, {})

The __getattr__ method then delegates to the skin object set in 
_v_skindata previously.

This skin object is itself a chain of acquisition-wrapped folders and 
returns the appropriate object via getattr().

Okay, now for my question.

Assuming that I want to leave SkinnableObjectManager alone, it would 
seem, as suggested, that I need to subclass or wrap SkinsTool to 
insert the "local" skin layers in the skin object chain.  But I'm 
unclear how my new SkinsTool would look up the acquisition context of 
the published object which I think I need in order to find the 
"local" skin layers.  Am I missing something obvious?  Munging the 
requested object from the REQUEST dictionary seems like the wrong way.

Thanks again,
Ricardo Newbery

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