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Jean-Francois.Doyon at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca Jean-Francois.Doyon at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca
Mon Apr 26 11:46:08 EDT 2004


Thanks for the reply, but I'm afraid that's not it :)

First, I don't use Plone :)

Second, the caching related headers are NOT getting set AT ALL.

For non FS content, I use the HTTP Cache Manager, which works fine ...

I'm just trying to use the policy manager for the FS based things.

It's as if my predicate never matches or something like that ...

I guess I'll go deep deeper!


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On April 26, 2004 08:02 am, Jean-Francois.Doyon at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm not having much success implementing this feature I'm afraid.
> Although I can always use the Accelerated HTTP Cache Manager for many
> objects, this doesn't work with anything filesystem based, notably skins.
> I've tried various predicates:
> python: content.meta_type == 'Filesystem Image'
> python: content.getId() == 'something'
> etc ...
> But not matter what, I don't see any headers getting set as I'd expect.  I
> put the instance of the policy manager both in the root of Zope, or the
> root of the CMF site(s), didn't work either way.
> I'm pretty sure the tool does get "called" since if I make a mistake
> do get raised out of it.
> Any idea what I might be doing wrong ??

Looks like you are using Plone with default templates which already set 
headers to be "pragma: no-cache" tweak those (global_cache for 2.x series). 
Otherwise look through your skins and check who's setting "pragma" and 
related headers.

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