[Zope-CMF] Help: Unindexing object with a workflow script

Rob Boyd boydrobh at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 12:19:03 EDT 2004


I have a workflow script that deletes a Collector
Issue whenever one moves into a 'cancel' workflow
transition. The object gets deleted, but it still has
an entry in both the collector catalog and main
portal_catalog. I would like it to be removed from the

Whenever an issue is deleted via ZMI or
folder_contents delete method, the issue is unindexed.
Collector even has a manage_afterDelete to do this.
Why does it not happen when the deletion is called
from a workflow script?

My script:

item = state_change.object

# item is NOT being unindexed via manage_afterDelete
# item is still not being unindexed

What am I missing, or is this not possible?


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