[Zope-CMF] caching policy queries

dieter at handshake.de dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jul 5 14:56:49 EDT 2006

Miles Waller wrote at 2006-7-5 13:32 +0100:
> ...
>1.  When 304 responses are enabled, if the function entered for 
>modification time or etag return anything other than a string, the 
>comparison always fails, and so the objects do not validate.

That does not sound reasonable...

First of all, the CPM (caching policy manager) does not
compare itself. That's done by the objects themselves.
And I know that they do it right.

Second, we use the DublinCore "modified()" in the CPM and
it works perfectly.

> ...
>2.  Is there any way to get at the modification time for the actual view 
>or template that is being rendered?


The CPM model stipulates that the template/view is irrelevant
and only the content object counts.

Obviously, the model is too weak -- but you can change it only
by implementing your own CPM...


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