[Zope-CMF] DirectoryView, GenericSetup/skins, CMF 2.1

Rocky Burt rocky at serverzen.com
Sat Jul 8 14:46:58 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm currently investigating registering DirectoryView's from regular
python packages with GenericSetup+skins.xml.  After debugging through
this somewhat I have discovered that minimal paths described in
skins.xml are made relative to $INSTANCE_HOME/Products.  Obviously in a
regular python package (living outside of Products) this means using
minimal paths won't work.  And of course since the actual location of
the py package will vary from deployment to deployment, the logical
approach would be to make the minimal path relative to the package home.

Does anyone have any idea's on this?  So far it looks like all other
major cmf functionality can be used outside in a regular python package
(living outside of Products).  Perhaps I'm missing something?  If this
is indeed the case ... would you all entertain a proposal/patch from me
providing a way to use skins from py packages that is b/w compatible
with the current approach?


Rocky Burt
ServerZen Software -- http://www.serverzen.com
News About The Server (blog) -- http://www.serverzen.net

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