[Zope-CMF] Re: DirectoryView, GenericSetup/skins, CMF 2.1

yuppie y.2006_ at wcm-solutions.de
Sun Jul 9 07:46:56 EDT 2006

Hi Rocky!

Rocky Burt wrote:
> Perhaps a patch from my side would more adequately explain what it is
> I'm trying to accomplish.
> I've attached the patch to this message.  The only thing that is missing
> (for me) is tests at this point.

+1 for fixing this, but may I suggest another approach?

'minimal_fp' is a registry key created by 'utils.minimalpath'. Right now 
'DirectoryView._dirpath' contains this registry key and I'd prefer to 
keep it like that.

The keys generated by 'utils.minimalpath' currently look like this:


But we could change 'utils.minimalpath' to generate keys like these:


While it doesn't make sense to store 
"full/path/to/MyPackage/skins/my_skin" in 'DirectoryView._dirpath' 
"MyPackage/skins/my_skin" would work fine. All we need is a migration path.

We can use the same pattern as for GenericSetup's registerProfile: 
Omitting 'Products/' would become deprecated. For backwards 
compatibility DirectoryInformations are first looked up with a 
"Products/" prefix and if no DirectoryInformation is registered for that 
key the plain 'DirectoryView._dirpath' is looked up.

With this lookup order "MyPackage/skins/my_skin" is masked by 
"Products/MyPackage/skins/my_skin", but I guess we can live without 
support for that rare case until we remove the BBB code.



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