[Zope-CMF] types tool and aliases

Miles Waller miles at jamkit.com
Mon Jul 17 05:21:32 EDT 2006


I have a question about aliases in the types tool that I'm hoping some 
can answer pretty easily.

In the management screen, there's a line which says:

For backwards compatibility there is also a '(Default)' method:
     Calls index_html or __call__, depending on the class

For some old type information in a project here, the guess aliases 
process assigns the alias '(Default)' with the method (Default).  This 
in turn creates an attribute error, as there is no method '(Default)'.

What I want to know is, is this an error (i.e. if the alias (Default) 
also points to a method (Default), should this just be ignored) or is 
there some use for this behaviour?  I'd like to fix this for my type 
infomration, but don't want to mask anything clever.



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