[Zope-CMF] Re: types tool and aliases

yuppie y.2006_ at wcm-solutions.de
Mon Jul 17 06:05:45 EDT 2006

Hi Miles!

Miles Waller wrote:
> I have a question about aliases in the types tool that I'm hoping some 
> can answer pretty easily.
> In the management screen, there's a line which says:
> For backwards compatibility there is also a '(Default)' method:
>     Calls index_html or __call__, depending on the class
> For some old type information in a project here, the guess aliases 
> process assigns the alias '(Default)' with the method (Default).  This 
> in turn creates an attribute error, as there is no method '(Default)'.

Without seeing the traceback I can't tell what's exactly going wrong 
here. DynamicType.__before_publishing_traverse__ should do this right. 
There might be other places where queryMethodID is used and '(Default)' 
not handled correctly.

> What I want to know is, is this an error (i.e. if the alias (Default) 
> also points to a method (Default), should this just be ignored) or is 
> there some use for this behaviour?  I'd like to fix this for my type 
> infomration, but don't want to mask anything clever.

_guessMethodAliases is not very clever. If index_html of your types is 
not None you just can replace '(Default)' by 'index_html'. If the 
__call__ method has no complex logic you might be able to replace 
'(Default)' by a real method. This would be much saner than using the 
'(Default)' backwards compatibility hack.



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