[Zope-CMF] Re: tools-as-utilities, merging, releasing, etc

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Fri Mar 2 07:01:15 EST 2007

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On 1 Mar 2007, at 17:36, yuppie wrote:
>> It's ready for merging when we have a story for existing sites,  
>> meaning a clear migration path. I was going to do some simple  
>> testing closer to this weekend (busy until then) and do a simple  
>> script that can be run via zopectl run and document it if no one  
>> else has a better idea or steps up.
>> My assumption here is that the script needs to do two things for  
>> each CMF Site encountered in the ZODB:
>> - - create the new magic component registry
>> - - duplicate tool registration as done by the GS  
>> componentregistry step

I'm working on the second step, trying to effect the component  
registration, and keep running into a strange problem. Using the ZMI,  
I can get a CMF site created in CMF 1.6 to a functioning state using  
the setup tool and executing the following steps + dependencies:

- - CMFDefault:default "actions" and "componentregistry"

- - CMFCalendar/CMFUid/CMFActionIcons "componentregistry"

I can't seem to replicate this in a script. Changing the import  
context to "CMFDefault:default" does not seem to update the available  
import steps - however, using the ZMI and the "Properties" tab on the  
setup tool does. Both ways call the very same code (setImportContext)  
under the hood. Would anyone know why this does update the available  
steps from the ZMI, but not in the script? I've already tried a few  
things, like committing a transaction or calling  
_updateImportStepsRegistry manually, it just doesn't do anything...


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