[Zope-CMF] some utility lookups still not aq wrapped

Rocky rocky at serverzen.com
Wed Mar 7 11:47:00 EST 2007

On Mar 7, 9:01 am, Wichert Akkerman <wich... at wiggy.net> wrote:
> <hannosch> it uses an internal API which we didn't wrap
> <hannosch> but that's standard baseglobalcomponents behaviour and
>            would happen with listen as well for example
> <hannosch> it uses registry.utilities.lookup() instead of any
>            registry.getUtility or registry.queryUtility methods

Ah I see.  The problem is that outside code is directly accessing the
utility registry directly (as a sub item of the actual component
registry).  Since a lot of code probably already does this it probably
makes most sense to simply override the lookup call on the utility
registry itself.  I've  gone ahead and cut a branch to do this (so I
don't mess up trunk in the meantime for CMF testing) but it's not
ready yet.  You can see this in my rocky-override-utility-registry
branch at:

The problem I've run into so far though is that due to the utility
registry not being aq-aware it's difficult to get to the site from
within the utility registry.  I attempted to make things aq aware but
things quickly blew up.  Anyhow, I'll try to look at this again
soonish but not anymore today.  If anyone has any suggestions in the
meantime, I'm all ears.


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