[Zope-CMF] SVN: Products.CMFCalendar/trunk/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/templates/calendar_widgets.pt - made sure we don't call views inadvertently

yuppie y.2010 at wcm-solutions.de
Thu Jun 17 08:23:57 EDT 2010

Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Modified: Products.CMFCalendar/trunk/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/templates/calendar_widgets.pt
>> ===================================================================
>> --- Products.CMFCalendar/trunk/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/templates/calendar_widgets.pt	2010-06-17 07:45:21 UTC (rev 113582)
>> +++ Products.CMFCalendar/trunk/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/templates/calendar_widgets.pt	2010-06-17 07:50:44 UTC (rev 113583)
>> @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
>>   <metal:slot metal:fill-slot="body" i18n:domain="cmf_calendar">
>>    <div metal:define-macro="calendarBox"
>>        class="CalendarBox"
>> -     tal:define="calendar_box_view context/@@calendar_box_view;
>> +     tal:define="calendar_box_view nocall:context/@@calendar_box_view;
>>                    yearmonth calendar_box_view/getMonthAndYear;
>>                    year python:yearmonth[0];
>>                    month python:yearmonth[1];
> How was this template working at all before?  If it was, do we have a
> backwards-compatibility issue on these nocall; changes -- that is, will
> this change break compatibility with a still-supported older version of
> Zope?

This is related to upgrading zope.formlib and zope.app.form to 4.x. A 
new base class seems to have a __call__ method that did not exist before.

But I didn't try to figure out what exactly changed because nocall: is 
anyway what we always wanted. As long as the view can't be called it 
doesn't make a difference, so I don't think we have a BBB issue.

Cheers, Yuppie

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