[Zope-CMF] DirectoryViewSurrogate as context in FSPageTemplates

Enrique Perez eperez at yaco.es
Sun Jun 27 19:00:17 EDT 2010

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your answer.

> Regarding the best way to get a change done:
>    * file a bug on launchpad for Products.CMFCore
>    * check out Products.CMFCore from the main Zope repository:
> svn:svn.zope.org://repos/main/CMF.buildout
>    * write a test for the case
>    * patch the source
>    * add the patch with the test to the launchpad bug
> Recently we've been having regular bug days so there is a good chance that
> the change will be included pretty quickly but I think this is heavily
> dependent upon a test being included.

And thanks for your instructions (and for not just telling me to rtfm, 
which I would have found fair enough), which I am in the process of 
following up.

> If I understand you correctly, you want to backport this to CMF 2.2 for
> inclusion in Plone 4?

If at all possible, yes, so I will try to be as fast as I can with 
writing the test.

Though I would like some comment on the container variable issue: I 
don't find changing it strictly necessary, at least for my use case, but 
without changing the container I don't feel that the semantic 
relationship between context and container remains quite right.

Best regards,

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