[Zope-CMF] Getting i18n to fire

yuppie y.2010 at wcm-solutions.de
Wed Jun 30 06:23:45 EDT 2010


Charlie Clark wrote:
> I've noticed that the CMF now does not do i18n work, ie. all
> notifications, form values, etc. are the default values. At the same time
> I've noticed the new buildout directives in trunk related to i18n. I think
> I'm just not joining the dots - what do I need to do if I want a CMF site
> with i18n running?

The only thing missing are (publicly available) translations.

CMF/trunk is currently unmaintained, maybe we should merge CMF.buildout 
back into CMF. But that's a different discussion. Anyway the "Installing 
Translations for CMF" part of INSTALL.txt is still correct:

Maybe with the addition that zope.app.locales is no longer part of Zope 
trunk. So you have to add it as a dependency to get formlib messages 

The i18n parts in buildout.cfg are just necessary for updating the .pot 

Translations are not shipped with CMF because so far nobody wanted to be 
responsible for maintaining them.



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