[Zope-CMF] Getting i18n to fire

Charlie Clark charlie.clark at clark-consulting.eu
Wed Jun 30 07:00:29 EDT 2010

Am 30.06.2010, 12:23 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <y.2010 at wcm-solutions.de>:

> CMF/trunk is currently unmaintained, maybe we should merge CMF.buildout
> back into CMF. But that's a different discussion.

I meant CMF.buildout/trunk...

> Anyway the "Installing
> Translations for CMF" part of INSTALL.txt is still correct:
> http://svn.zope.org/CMF/trunk/INSTALL.txt?rev=82766&view=auto

Duh! RTFM Charlie! ;-) But we should at least get this information on to  
the PyPI page and/or into docs.zope.org

> Maybe with the addition that zope.app.locales is no longer part of Zope
> trunk. So you have to add it as a dependency to get formlib messages
> translated.

Thanks for the tip.

> The i18n parts in buildout.cfg are just necessary for updating the .pot
> files.

> Translations are not shipped with CMF because so far nobody wanted to be
> responsible for maintaining them.

This is entirely understandable given the resources available. I wonder  
how many CMF (as opposed to Plone) sites are actually multilingual? I  
usually need only one language.

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