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Charlie Clark charlie.clark at clark-consulting.eu
Wed Jun 30 08:32:57 EDT 2010

Am 30.06.2010, 14:12 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <y.2010 at wcm-solutions.de>:

> ??? I just did a brand-new checkout and still can't see any properties.

Double ???

Those properties get set automatically when I create new files. I can see  
them on my system and svn status reports nothing fishy:

fuchsia:~ charlieclark$ cd  
fuchsia:browser charlieclark$ svn status utils.py
fuchsia:browser charlieclark$

Doesn't seem to matter whether I delete and add them again.

>>>> * the preferences form points the user in the direction of the  
>>>> password
>>>> change form. Shouldn't this also be a user action?
>>> I usually disable the preferences action completely and use
>>> change_password and change_email actions instead. But I was never in  
>>> the
>>> mood to start a discussion about the CMFDefault policy.

> I had *visible* actions in mind, but you didn't say that you want to add
> a *visible* action.

Me, too.

> +1 for an invisible change_password action

Why do you think it should be kept invisible? To avoid clutter? Or  
minimise the effect on the existing layout?

>> If we're linking to other forms like change_password then we should do  
>> the
>> same here. This has to be local_roles form for the member's folder,  
>> hasn't
>> it? Although I don't see how you can hide your folder there.
> Now I see what you mean. And I also have no idea how a normal member
> could make his home folder inaccessible.

Right. I'll ignore this for the view and remove it from the PythonScript.  
Was struggling with an elegant way of getting a "object/localroles" action  
for a member's home folder anyway!

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