[Zope-CMF] Switching to Chameleon

Laurence Rowe l at lrowe.co.uk
Wed Sep 28 10:20:57 EST 2011

On 28 September 2011 15:58, Charlie Clark
<charlie.clark at clark-consulting.eu> wrote:
> Am 28.09.2011, 16:48 Uhr, schrieb Hanno Schlichting <hanno at hannosch.eu>:
>> Nah, it most likely won't. There's no PLIP yet to propose such an
>> update and I'm not aware of anyone who plans one.
> I suppose you hardly need it any more now that you've been able to push
> most of the stuff you do need straight into Zope(2).

Plone tends to wait for CMF to stabilise before thinking of moving to
a new version. At least when I last looked around a year ago (after
adding some workflow pluggability into CMF) CMF trunk broke far too
much in Plone to consider it for a minor revision. Hopefully someone
will put the effort in to port Plone to CMF 2.3 in time for Plone 5.

It's certainly true that CMF is a smaller part of Plone than it used
to be, that's down to the introduction of the component architecture
so new features tend to be built on that instead.


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