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Shane Hathaway
Zope Corporation
Copyright 2002


AdaptableStorage is a prototype product for highly flexible data storage
that requires no changes to application code.  It reuses ZODB,
it is designed to be compatible with ZEO, and it can store object data
in nearly any conceivable format.

So far, this product has been used to literally "mount" both a Postgresql
database and a filesystem directory into Zope, without using any subclasses
of Zope classes.  This is very different from most other products that
provide alternative storage for Zope objects, including LocalFS, ZPatterns,
DBObjects/SmartObjects, and CMF.  These all require special classes
to alter persistence details, but persisting to different kinds of
databases should not require different classes.

This product does not store everything in pickles.  It stores data in the
schema you choose.

Product Status

Developers only.  I think the next step is to provide an easy way to mount
a filesystem directory without having to set up a model, then set up several
models for common object types.  Then it will be ready for people to try out.
After that, perhaps I should make it easy to set up a relational mount, using
a predefined but modifiable schema.

Please send me an email if you think this product is important.  Encouragement
can affect priorities a lot. :-)   (see http://hathaway.freezope.org)


AdaptableStorage does its work through pluggable components.  Currently, there
are six important component types defined by this product:

  - Database Connection
  - Record Storage
  - Storage Aspect
  - Object Model
  - Object Model Selector
  - OID Generator

Component instances cooperate to load and store data in the right schema and
at the right time.

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