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.TH zopeedit 1 "Jul 29, 2002" "Zope External Editor"
.B zopeedit
\- helper application that handles the interaction between the
Zope ExternalEditor product and the client side applications

.B This program is intended to be called by the web browser in response to the application/x-zope-edit MIME type, and is not meant to be called directly by the user except for debugging or testing purposes.

Most web browsers should respect the MIME handling instructions in
the /etc/mailcap metamail capabilities file, where an entry should
have automatically been placed by the system to let zopeedit handle
the application/x-zope-edit MIME type.

However, if your web browser does not respect mailcap, or if it was
not automatically updated during installation, you can simply specify

.B /usr/bin/zopeedit

as a new helper application in your web browser of choice to handle
downloads of MIME type

.B application/x-zope-edit

for you to be able to edit Zope objects using your favourite editor.

Further customization may be made after the first run of the helper
application on the file

.B ~/.zope-external-edit

More information on configuration and debugging are available in the
upstream author's home page at

.I ~/.zope-external-edit

.BR mailcap(5)

This manual page was initially written by Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org>,
and is maintained by Federico Sevilla III <jijo@free.net.ph> as part of the
zopeedit package for the Debian GNU/Linux system. It may be used freely by