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Make the PCGI support code available via CVS without having to maintain and
distribute it as part of the Zope application server.  The appserver still
contains the necessary support to allow a PCGI-capable web server to talk
to it.

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README.parseinfo - JeffBauer@bigfoot.com - May 21, 1998

parseinfo is an executable to test the parsing the pcgi
  info file.  Although pcgifile.py can be used to test
  how the pcgi-wrapper is expected to react "in vitro"
  (i.e. as a CGI process) the parseinfo program actually
  runs the info file through the parser code  (although
  it performs no further environment testing).

usage:  parseinfo  <pcgi-info-file>

sample output:

  r->sw_info           /export/home/jbauer/tmp/pcgiinfo
  r->sw_exe            /usr/local/bin/python
  r->procpath          /export/home/jbauer/var/pcgitime.pid
  r->sockpath          /export/home/jbauer/var/pcgitime.socket
  r->modpath           /export/home/jbauer/www/cgi-bin/pcgitime.py
  r->pubpath           /export/home/jbauer/www/cgi-bin/pcgi_publisher.py
  r->procid            0
  r->pythonPath        .:/usr/local/lib/python1.5:/var/share/s0/python
  CloseFileDescriptors 0