[Zope-DB] DCO2 Oracle 8.0.5 volunteers

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Sat, 18 Aug 2001 08:47:40 -0400

I'm looking for people to volunteer to prove that Oracle 8.0.5
OCIDescribeAny call on Linux is busted.  My contention is that anyone who
tries to use it will encounter a segfault in kpudsany().

Contrariwise, I'm looking for people who have Oracle 8.0 on non-linux
platforms to confirm that my workaround for Oracle 8.0 and OCIDescribeAny
does work for them.

Anyone interested in volunteering needs to have a C compiler capable of
building DCO2 on their platform, and should have Oracle 8.0.X client
libraries and headers installed.