Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: [Zope-DB] DCOracle2 - Invalid connection string

Dario Lopez-Kästen
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 10:56:44 +0100

From: <>

> Hi Matthew,
> calling /etc/rc.d/init.d/zope start as root does not change anything (or
> I misunderstanding your request to start it manually, I did not find any
> other start script).

zstart in the zope-directory

> I have put on the tracedump and dco2 throws an oci/oracle error
> (ORA-12154), that it is unable to resolve the services name.
> But calling sqlplus with the same connect string works, so I assume
> tnsname.ora and sqlnet.oras. The instance I want to connect is an 8.1.6
> installation on a hpux node in the same network (using tcp as connect
> mode).

ok, checklist (sorry if they sound obvious, but i list them so we can
eliminate error sources):

1) are you trying sqlplus on the machine where Zope is installed?
   and is the connections succesfull (i.e. you can run a query)
   are you using the same shemaname as zope is to connect to th db?

2) are you trying sqlplus as the user zope runs as?
   (i.e. has root got the proper environment to do sqlqueries?
    if you are running form init.d, and it chroots to nobody,
    has nobody access to the oracle environment)

3) in the connectstring, user/pwd@<tnsname>, is <tnsname> exactly
   the string that identifies that source?
4) have you got several oracle products installed? if so are you
   sure that zope is using the proper environment?

there, I am all out of ideas to try.

hope this helps,


Note to Matthew:

Oracle is our standard datbase. We use it to keep *ALL* our content
and then some in it. All we use zope for is the application logic.

I guess that we could pass as heavy duty users of DCO2 and oracle.

the application we are building is a HA Student/Staff university
portal and Learning Managemnet System, that ideally is going to
save money and free time, while expanding the service level to both
students and staff and providing new services not previously possible.
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