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Mon, 3 Dec 2001 17:09:54 +0100

Hi Matt,
thnaks for your hint with the rights on tnsnames.ora
I have add read and execute rights on the appropiate directory and now it

Unfortunately I have not thought on my golden rule that covers 95% of all
problems with unix: userrights!

Thanks and bye

"Matthew T. Kromer" <> am 03.12.2001 14:27:28

An:    Carsten Hoff/BASF-IT-S/BASF@EUROPE
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       connection string

On Monday, December 3, 2001, at 04:16 AM, Carsten.Hoff@BASF-IT- wrote:

> Hi Matthew,
> calling /etc/rc.d/init.d/zope start as root does not change anything
> (or am I
> misunderstanding your request to start it manually, I did not find any
> other
> start script).

OK, the reason I mention it is that when things are called from init,
they often have subtly different environment variables set, and of
course their stdin, stdout, and stderr are also different.

> I have put on the tracedump and dco2 throws an oci/oracle error
> (ORA-12154),
> that it is unable to resolve the services name.
> But calling sqlplus with the same connect string works, so I assume
> correct
> tnsname.ora and sqlnet.oras. The instance I want to connect is an 8.1.6
> installation on a hpux node in the same network (using tcp as connect
> mode).

OK, do you have ORACLE_SID set in your environment?  Normally this
wouldn't matter.  What it sounds like is that Oracle isn't seeing the
ORACLE_HOME environment variable properly, and so it can't even look up
the tnsname from the tnsnames.ora.

Also, the last thing to check that has bitten me on a couple of
occasions (and it's usually one where I smack my head into the table for
not thinking of it first) is to make sure that Zope's userid has
permission to read tnsames.ora and sqlnet.ora.  Sometimes there is a
directory permission or file permission problem which prevents Zope from
doing this -- particularly if you start Zope as root and then it changes
its userid to "nobody."

> Thanks for any other hints.
> For you information:
> We are evaluating zope for our internal documention and or cms
> projects. Oracle
> is our favourite DB so we need a possiblity to get data from oracle.

OK, let me know if I can help further.