[Zope-DB] redirect problems

Antoine Muller Antoine.Muller@unine.ch
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 12:57:41 +0100

I have discovered the following problem:
  I use the following mechanisme to enable my user to select options and
get an option dependant presentation screen. I have a dtml method that
presents the info relative to the present set of parameters I pass
through the url. When the user selects an option that does not require
an action but only changing the presentation of the page, it points to
the same page but with updated parameters. If it requires an action, it
calls a script that performs the task and and then the script redirects
the browser onto the initial page with a set of updated parameters.

2 Questions:
 - Is there a better way to perform such a task
 - Why does it work just fine with netscape 4.07 and not with netscape 6
and explorer
It looks like it does not call the new url but instead, it adds the new
list of parameters at the end of the first list end thus zope does not
correctly understand what is transmitted.
I have tried to call an intermediary script that then redirects the
browser but it does not work either.
Any hints?

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