[Zope-DB] DCO2 and nulls again

Fredrik Svensson fredrik@ita.chalmers.se
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 18:18:35 +0100


I haven't done the trace thing that Matt told me yet (I'll leave the tracing
thingy to Dario ;-) but I just noticed something. We did not have this
problem when we were running on solaris. We changed to RedHat 7.2 a few
weeks ago since we experienced performance problems on solaris. I've tested
the same queries on both installations and only the RedHat one generates bad
null values. The DCO2 we are running on the solaris installation is a bit
older though. It was checked out from CVS on october 28:th.

Is anyone else running DCO2 on RedHat 7.2 successfully??

> >
> >The version of DCO2 we are using was checked out of CVS on december the
> >and compiled on a RedHat 7.2 with Oracle client
> >