[Zope-DB] Z SybaseDA on AIX using Sybase 12.5

Thomas_Janke@prisma-edv.de Thomas_Janke@prisma-edv.de
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 12:30:59 +0100


Sorry for writing to you in so many different ways, but I do not know, which of
these email-adresses works.

I have recently had some experience with compiling the sy_occ.so library under
AIX 5.1 running Sybase 12_5 ASE and OC/S. Here are the results.

1) On AIX, the libsybtcl is just named libtcl, because there is not
script-language TCL, which was the only reason for the Sybase-people to call it
that way on Linux systems.

2) Sybase 12.5 splits into ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise ) and OSC (Open
Client/Server). You have to set the followin environment variables

3) The library "libinsck" is not given as a static library, but only as a
dynamic one with full version numbers. E.g. libinsck.so.12.5.0. For some reason,
compiling sy_occ.so depends on static linked libraries unter AIX. So you have to
create a sym-link "libinsck.a" pointing to "libinsck.so.12.5.0".

4) The Setup file for AIX5.1 and Sybase 12.5 is the following

sy_occ sy_occ.c -I$(SYBASE)/$(SYBASE_OCS)/include
-lcomn -lcs -lct -lintl -ltcl -linsck -lm

With these changes, everything works fine.

I hope, you find these information usefull and will adapt your Product to cope
with AIX and Sybase 12.5.
BTW: What about that Sybase Stored Procedures thing? I could really do with

Thomas Janke