[Zope-DB] ANNOUNCE: A Zope database adapter for dbtcp

Julián Muñoz jmunoz@telefonica.net
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 16:07:11 +0000 (GMT)

A Zope database adapter for dbtcp. dbtcp is a system to access the odbc
databases of a windows machine via tcp/ip (see

For example, it COULD allow you to access a Windows .mdb database from a
remote Linux Zope. So in the future it could substite the ZobcDA, and
you coul move you zope to a Linux machine, were you will feel much more
happy. (This is science fiction yet, see WARNING bellow).

Requires the port of the dbtcp client api to python


The DA is in a very early stage, it doesn't work yet with ZSQL Methods!

The reason of doing this announce is that I have not the knowledges (or
the documentation) about Zope to continue the developpment, everyone with
more knowledges is invited to take the leadership of the developpment.

dbtcp doesn't support transactions, so the DA doesn't support
transactions ! So some R&D has to be done also for developping dbtcp :-)

Here are the links:



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