[Zope-DB] User keyed database DA

Charlie Reiman creiman@kefta.com
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 10:35:51 -0700

That's a fair question, but a bit ambigous. So I'll answer the two possible
questions you might be asking.

If you mean why from exUserFolder: Is there a better place to grab the clear
text password? I supposed I could hook into Zope itself and cache the
passwords on my own but that would just mean another copy of clear text
passwords floating in memory, plus modifying Zope rather than an isolated

But if you mean why do I need the clear text password: Because that's how it
is designed to work. You sign on to a website with standard HTTP
authentication. That sign on and password are then used to construct the
oracle connection string. I could have created a separate table of
connections strings but the goal was to work with legacy systems. If I wire
up exUserFolder to use the same authetication as the Oracle DB, then Zope
has no parallel table of users and their metadata, just the database hooks.

I am open to suggestions. If you have any ideas, please share them! This was
a pretty difficult bit of hackery. I'm not thrilled at the resulting
complexity nor am I entirely sure it will perform well in the real world. We
really needed this feature and we really want to use Zope so rolling up my
sleeves and making it happen seemed like the best approach.

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> I suggest you send this announcement to exuserfolder-users
> or -devel@lists.sourceforge.net in order to get a dicussion going on about
> the merits or non-merits of this change.
> May I ask why you need to retrieve the cleartext passwords from the user
> cache?
> /dario
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