[Zope-DB] Re: [Psycopg] "broken" psycopg on SuSE 7.3

Robert Herzog rherzog@sga.ulb.ac.be
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 12:26:14 +0200

Hello, friends

The mailing list once proved to be invaluable... I followed several 
advices expressed after my "message in the bottle" call of yesterday 
noon, and here is the product : a working Zope with connection to my 
PostgreSQL server.
The main clue came from Leonardo, pointing out that Zope 2.5.0 _DOES 
NOT_ work with Python 2.2. In fact hoping to solve my problems, I had 
even replaced my initial Python 2.2 with its last 2.2.1 version, but 
this did not help.
I scratched most of my installation, went over a fresh PostgreSQL (now 
7.2.1), a fresh Python 2.1.3 and still my binary Linux Zope. No go !
Finally, I acquired and installed a source Zope 2.5.0 and got the whole 
kitchen to cooperate.
Now my import traceback reports :

      Import Traceback


Hurrah ! No more broken product....

Thanks again to all who bothered to reply to my call.



Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:

>On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 19:32, Robert Herzog wrote:
>>I spent a sizeable amount of time with colleagues trying to get 
>>ZpsycopgDA to work with Zope on my SuSE 7.3 Linux installation.
>>I have my own compiled PostgreSQL 7.2, Python 2.2 and Zope 2.5.0 versions.
>Zope 2.5.0 doesn't work correctly with Python 2.2. Not without some
>tweaking, at least. Also, as Lutz asked, are you using a binary Zope or
>a Source Zope. In either case, you must point to the Python that Zope is
>using when configuring psycopg, but in the binary case, the Python that
>Zope uses is inside Zope itself.
>>But while going to 
>>add the product from the Control panel, it shows a "broken" product.
>In any event, the broken product inside Zope should have a traceback of
>the error (which should also show up in Zope logs somewhere). If you
>paste it here, we might be able to know a little bit more about what
>went wrong
>Cheers, Leo

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