[Zope-DB] Database and Adapter for Zope

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 08:23:10 -0500

By far the most popular database used with Zope is ZODB's filestorage.  :)
But if we mean "relational database" then the next most in popularity tends
to come down to

MySQL (60% ish)
PostgreSQL (20% ish)
ODBC (10% ish)
Oracle (10% ish)

However, pure popularity isn't everything.  If I had the license money to
pay for Oracle for a production project, I would choose Oracle over MySQL or
PostgresSQL myself; with IBM's DB2 coming in second on my list of choices.

Generally, I think the Zope DA's for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle are
fairly stable (those are free adapers).  The free (from Zope Corp) ODBC
adapter is rather old, and has some serialization flaws (it is not fully
multithreaded).  However, mxODBC and associated Zope DA is quite robust,
although there is a nominal fee for mxODBC used commercially I believe.

Generally, you are working with an existing database, not spec'ing out a new
one.  Since so many people are happy with mySQL, I'd suggest you get your
feet wet there, and leave future "mega expansion to the terrabyte range"
decisions for later.  I think that mySQL can handle tables of a million rows
without too much difficulty, although I'm not a mySQL expert.

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> Hello,
> I'm planning to build an intranet information portal about
> people, projects, publications, etc. I wonder, which database
> among those connected to Zope is well-suited if the amounts
> of access and data are growing.
> I considered SQL Server, Oracle, mSQL, or PostGres as suitable
> alternatives, any preferences on those?
> In what state are the corresponding database adapters for Zope?
> Stability? Performance? Support? Some overview would be
> nice here....
> Lars
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