[Zope-DB] variable names from DCO2 sql-method

Smith, Neil Neil.Smith@npower.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 14:14:19 -0000

Dario Lopez-K=E4sten wrote:

> I *think* that this is a consequence of the fact that column names
> in SQL are not case sensitive normally. For example, in Oracle you=20
> explicitly have to name your colums in mixed case for them to be=20
> mixed case:
> create table "MonKey" (
>   "wrEnch"         varchar2(2),
>   "l33tSPeaK"      number(2,2),
>   NoMatterWhatCase varchar2(10)
> )
> the column NoMatterWhatCase can be accessed as NOMATTERWHATCASE or
> any other combination of small/caps but not the other two columns.=20
> i believe this is true for Postgress as well, but am not sure and,=20
> frankly, I haven't bothered to check ;)

Yes, and no.  That is what happens, but it's not really true to say =
that the
column names are case insensitive.  In the example, the column names =
"wrEnch", "133tSPeaK" and "NOMATTERWHATCASE".  If you don't quote a =
name then it will be uppercase.  When you write a select statement =
the table, then again any column names that you don't quote will be
converted to uppercase, so any mixed case form of NoMatterWhatCase =
quotes will find the column, but for the others, if you don't quote the
column names it will look for WRENCH and 133TSPEAK.

I guess that Zope or DCO2, or whatever is doing it, is just trying to =
nice and to go some way to making it look like this sort of behaviour.
However I would have thought that it is more trouble than it is worth.  =
instance, it makes it possible for someone to get the results of the =
method, do something to modify one of the variables, then refer to =
case form of the variable name and wonder why it hasn't changed. =20

Still I guess even if someone thought it should change, it would break
existing code if it did, so I guess it's pointless.  I just thought I'd =

> PS: is it possible for you to trim your sig a bit w/o you getting =
> Company Policy Police?

No, the rubbish isn't in my signature, it gets added by Outlook Server =
I've sent it.  I wish I could get rid of it, but I can't.

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