[Zope-DB] Problem with Psycopg?

Federico Di Gregorio fog@debian.org
01 Jul 2002 11:06:06 +0200

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Il lun, 2002-07-01 alle 06:12, Stylus ha scritto:

> I want to appreciate all the help you guys gave me. I was finally able
> to solve the problem - I just deleted psycopg completely and started all
> over with the psycopg installation. I have documented my approach in the
> attached file. Please pass it on to others who would require a newbie's
> installation with Mandrake ver 8. It's a little bit specific in some
> ways and generic in other ways - so probably needs some more tweaking
> but anyone using psycopg with non Debian installations will require
> guides like this unless they are experts with the linux environment.

sorry for the big crosspost. thank you very much, i'll ad that to the
FAQ. i think the main problem of building psycopg is with
precompiled/prepackaged zope/python. usually who install from scratch
has much less problems.

if somebody can provide me with mandrake prepackaged versions of
psycopg, i'll be glad to put them on the website.

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