[Zope-DB] MySQL as storage

Eric Kamm eric@analyticinnovations.com
Sun, 7 Jul 2002 09:50:43 -0500

jfarr has created a Zope MySQL Storage product:

ZMySQLStorage plus replicated MySQL servers seems like a
a nice solution to the currently missing storage replication

I've been using MySQL replication for a while now configured
so that the pair of servers are masters and slaves of each
other.  This has been very reliable.  I have modified the
ZMySQLDA to failover between the replicated servers.

As you might imagine this makes me feel safe with
regards to the critical the data in the RDB, and MySQL
servers (one at a time) can go away without any impact
to the applications.

I know I can use ZEO and have multiple Zopes to eliminate
that point of failure, which leaves the Filestorage ZODB
as the single point of failure.

This naturally leads me to think, "why not use ZMySQLStorage
with replicated MySQL servers?"

Has anyone done this?  Does anyone have any experiences
he/she can relay to me regarding ZMySQLStorage?  Is a
transaction table type required with ZMySQLStorage? What
is the performance of ZMySQLStorage in comparison to

I've looked around a bit myself and struck out.  Any comments
are appreciated.