[Zope-DB] DCOracle2 wrt adding External Module

tenasakai@earthlink.net tenasakai@earthlink.net
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 19:23:47 -0700


I have made DCOracle2 a few times in last couple of
hours and I can't solve this problem.  Namely:
If I run Python interactively and say
    import DCOracle2
all is well.  If I go to zope and try to add a
simple external method then I get an error:
      Error Type: ImportError
      Error Value: No module named DCOracle2
The method I am trying to add is in Extensions
directory (immediately under the distribution
directory) and my routine looks like:

      import httlib, urllib2, urlparse
      import DCOracle2

      def my_fun ():
           return 'Howdy hotdog!'

Can somebody please tell me why this fails?
If I take out the second import statement, there
is no problem.  Apparently, DCOracle2 is not
in the right place as far as zope is concerned.
I'd rather not start copying things randomly.
Please tell me where it should be and why it is
not there so that I can do the correct fix.

Thank you.

Tena Sakai

PS: If someone wants to give me the correct fix,
    I am all ears.