[Zope-DB] ZODBC Information

Jose Gerardo Amaya Giron gamaya@aldeacentroamerica.com
18 Jul 2002 14:34:45 -0600

>  > 1.- Does the ZODBC support MS SQL Server transactions? How?
> Almost surely. And automatically. You need to do nothing.
Thanks for the reply and sorry for my newbie question but I need to ask

By automatically you mean that the ZODBC support transactions, not that
ZODBC automatically creates a transaction for every query(method) you

You see the problem is not mine, one of our programmers develop a
website with multiple SQL Methods, but he never use transactions and now
we have kind of a problem. He asume that Zope create transaction and
rollback if necesary, so we are all trying to find a solution that
causes less damage to the hole development.


Gerardo Amaya