[Zope-DB] Trying Psycopg

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:45:33 +0200

Tom Jenkins wrote:
> Ricardo L. A. B=E1nffy wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I am having a problem that has been reported before (I am sure it is a=
>> FAQ, but it doesn't seem to be a Frequently Answered one ;-) )
>> On October, 2001, Craig Ching had the same problem I am having now,=20
>> but 's fix seem not to fit.
>> Everything configured (after the lenghty enchantment ./configure=20
>> --with-python=3D/opt/zope_stable/bin/python=20
>> --with-zope=3D/opt/zope_stable/=20
>> --with-postgres-includes=3D/usr/include/postgresql/=20
>> --with-mxdatetime-includes=3D/usr/include/python2.1/mx/), made, made=20
>> installed and made install-zope'ed fine, but the same error seems to=20
>> exist:
> yes, this is a faq on psycopg and i believe even mentioned in the readm=
> you have --with-python pointing to zope's bundled python but mxdatetime=
> is installed under your system's python2.1
> either use your system's python installation or install mxDateTime unde=
> bundled python.

Wouldn't it be much easier telling people to install mxDateTime
using the bundled python version ?

/opt/zope_stable/bin/python setup.py install

Note that mxDateTime header files always live in
mx.DateTime.mxDateTime, so finding the path to them is easy
using Python and can be automated.

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