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alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 15:20:15 -0500

> currently I'm running a "normal" website with PHP and MySQL. I want to
> change my site and use Zope. In my DB there are Login information about
> every user, ie. loginname / password / email and more. How can I migrate
> these infos to a ZDB? Is there a possibility to do that ?

sure.  you will need to have MySQL RDBMS in ZOPE and write some python
scripts that suck out the data
and create objects from them.  for your 'member properties' I would suggest
looking into exUserFolder or
CMF (which has portal_memberdata tool).  Being a big CMF fan I would suggest
the latter.

You may want to read over the ZODB Articles here
so you have deeper understanding of the ZODB.  ZODB is the thing you
'/manage' through your web browser.
those are not files but objects.  there is no SQL-commands to query the ZODB
with - there are some products
that attempt to provide this functionality.  you write python to query the
ZODB -- its quite wonderful.

> Is there a possibility to control a ZDB with SQL-commands like select or
> update?

not really.  you need to think more object oriented and less RDBMS when
dealing with ZODB.

> I appreciate any help.

I would suggest keeping your data where it is.  unless you need ZODB
functionality like undo, etc.


> regards
> Lars
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