[Zope-DB] Zope, PosgreSQL, Apache and FastCGI

Jim Penny jpenny@universal-fasteners.com
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 10:38:52 -0400

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 12:02:49PM +0200, FLOPEZ wrote:
> 	I'm developing an internet application using Zope and PosgresSQL.
> 	I'm wording with 4.2.4-src version of Zope and with 7.1.2 postresql version.
> Zope is installed with Apache with FastCGI module. 
> 	The querys to database are very complex, and i have over 30 users connected at
> application at time. 
> 	My problem is that Zope, frecuently, go down and i have to restart it. 
> 	What can i do? There is any inconpatibility between Zope, fastCGI and
> postgres?? How can i maximize the number of supported connections?
> 	Thanks

In messages like this, it is crucial that you give versions for
everything.  Until I was doing some product installation  recently,
I had zope-2.5.1, popy-2.0.8, python-2.1.3 running for 25 days
consecutively.  (All from debian apt-get).

Also, it would be of some value to know what frequently means.  Are
we talking hourly, daily, less often.  If daily, and you stop postgres
to do a backup, I have seen zope hang.  The cure is to restart zope 
imeediatly after postgres starts back up.

It is also worth mentioning Jerome Alet's isdazope script.  It
periodically does a GET on a specified URL, and can be configured to
automatically restart zope for you.  While this is not a fix, it does
make like much more pleasant for all involved.

One more thought.  RAM.  If you don't have enough, you may be running
into OOM problems, and the OS may be choosing a victim, which might well
be zope.

Jim Penny
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