[Zope-DB] retriving file in a bubble field

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:02:22 -0400

Ufficio Ced wrote:

>I have an Oracle database containing word documents in bubble record
>I have created a ZSQL method that retrive the document (3 keys are
>needed to identify the single document)
>If I test the method I can see displayed all the ugly caracters that I
>see if I open the document with an ASCII editor.
>If I save the content in a file and I open the file it's OK
>The matter is: how can I create a link that displays "on the fly" the
>document (supposed that the browser is iexplorer and word is
>I have tried enabling direct transverse
>but I have an oracle error
>I'm sorry for the length of the question but Im quite new to Zope and
>I still cannot point the problem precisely
>Thank you,
>Nicola Mersi

Is this data in a large object (BLOB?) If so, you probably want to 
create a python script to facilitate access, that way you can:

  - pass the data to the ZSQL method

  - read the data out the LOB object

I forget if ZOracleDA has 'implicit' read support on LOBs.  I may have 
added that; but I think its one of the things that is causing you trouble.

Matt Kromer
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