[Zope-DB] sqlvar tag has no type="boolean"

Ashley ashleyg@dnai.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:54:16 -0800

Hi list,

I'm now to zope (and sql also).  I am using postgresql with psycopg.  This is
my first attempt to setup a Z SQL meathod to insert into my table.  My table
has several boolean attributes:

CREATE TABLE contacts (
     contact_id         integer primary key
    ,owner              boolean
    ,manager            boolean
    ,buyer              boolean

I can not figure out how to get zope to insert into a boolean attribute. 
If I use sqlvar type="string", and enter true in the insert form, zope passes
'true' and postgresql chokes on the single quotes.

Surely there is a work around. Any ideas?

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