[Zope-DB] How to use commit/rollback etc. with Zope + ZpsycopgDA ???

Federico Di Gregorio fog@debian.org
26 Mar 2002 01:43:50 +0100

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Il lun, 2002-03-25 alle 15:44, Emmanuel Courcelle ha scritto:
> The pb is that if one of the context.zsql_some_other_method(...)  gets
> an error,
> the database is inconsistent. This could be solved using only ONE
> transaction,
> BUT the Zope zsql methods are wrapped inside a transaction, so that
> I have a transaction for EACH zsql call.=20

this looks strange. i always tought (and it always worked that way) that
zope only execute a ._finish() on the connection just before sending the
data back (i.e., just one transaction no matter how many zsql methods
you call.) what version of psycopg are you using? not 1.1pre2 i hope,
transaction management is seriously broken in the 1.1 series.=20


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