[Zope-DB] DCO2 and memleaks...

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario@ita.chalmers.se
Thu, 2 May 2002 15:50:23 +0200


We have DCO2 on Linux and we are experiencing two problems:

For certain large queries, zope keeps a connection to the oracle server
after the query has finished, which over time makes the database server use
up all it's resources, requiring it to be restarted.

related to this, this query also seems to make zope/python leak memory.
usage goes from 23 MB ram to about 200-300 MBs (normal operating mem
footprint is 25-35 MB).

Restarting the zope app, makes both the DB server happy, as well as memory
usage go down to acceptable levels.

Zope 2.4.4b1
python 2.1.2 with patches
DCO2 from cvs from late january
loads and loads of DTML and PythonScripts
loads and laods of zsql's (all data is in Oracle server, queries need to
return 1000's of rows sometimes)

Any hint on what might be causeing this? Workarounds? Known bugs?

I assume that this is not the intended behaviour of DCO2/Zope, even is the
queries are inane (we know some of the are, and we're working on fixing

Anybody know if this is fixed in the latest DCO2 release?


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