[Zope-DB] Insert Date in dtml-sqlvar

Frank Tegtmeyer fte-sub-zope-db@fte.to
03 May 2002 09:36:45 +0200

Juli=E1n Mu=F1oz <jmunoz@softhome.net> writes:

> Note: really, I don't understand why this works, it's metaphysics.
> Maybe someone could explain ??

This depends on the used database, I think. Andy Dustman told me that
the ZSQL adapter just passes the dat/time/datetime arguments unchanged
to the database. MySQL accepts strings in ISO format that's why
<dtml-var xxx fmt=3D"ISO"> works.

I was surprised by that because the other way (from MySQL to Zope)
converts date/time/datetime values to DateTime objects if mxDateTime
is available. Of course I expected that I can give DateTime objects to
update methods too :)

Regards, Frank