[Zope-DB] firebird/interbase storage problem

Bernard Devlin bernard.devlin@knowledgeworks.plus.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 01:37:31 -0700

I'm kinda new to both Zope and Python (and Interbase, for that matter!)...and
would appreciate some help.

I have a connection set up to the interbase db (Firebird v1.0 to be precise)
using kinterbasdb.  The connection works.  The kinterbasdb was installed along
with the interbase DA.

However, when I try to follow the instructions for the InterbaseStorage
product, Zope will not restart.  

I just xcopied the files into the zope root, and created the custom_zodb.py.
Here are the contents of the file:

	from Products.InterbaseStorage.InterbaseStorage import InterbaseStorage
	import kinterbasdb

	db = 'c:\firebird\data\zopestorage.gdb'
	conn = kinterbasdb.connect(db, 'sysdba', 'masterkey')

I created the .gdb file by running the sql file in the package.

This is my Zope version info: 2.4.2 (binary release, python 2.1, win32-x86.  

When I start python from the root of Zope, and paste the lines in individually
"import kinterbasdb" will work, but "from
Products.InterbaseStorage.InterbaseStorage import InterbaseStorage"  is not
found, even thought it exists in the "products" directory.

I'm sure this is just a simple issue, but I've looked through several books and
there doesn't seem to be anything complex about the "from..import" statement.

I've tried to specify the path to the interbasestorage module in many different
ways but they all fail.