[Zope-DB] firebird/interbase storage problem

Bernard Devlin bernard.devlin@knowledgeworks.plus.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 09:02:26 -0700

By running python from <ZopeRoot>lib\python directory, and
making sure I capitalized the packages properly!) I managed to get the 
kinterbasdb and InterbaseStorage packages loaded.

I imported sys, and ZODB and this is the error I get upon loading the
InterbaseStorage package:   

	dbiraw = kinterbasdb.dbi.dbiRaw
	AttributeError: 'kinterbasdb' module has no attribute 'dbi'

Could it be that the later versions of kinterbasdbDA do not support some of the
dependencies of the IntebaseStorage?  

I'm using kinterbasdb 3.0, and v.0.98 of the InterbaseStorage product...