[Zope-DB] Differences between PostgreSQL Adapters?

Joel Burton joel@joelburton.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 14:03:56 -0400

>From RDMSAndZope (Zope FAQ):

"PostgreSQL - Works well with Zope, and has many advanced features similar
to larger, commercial databases. There are three adapters for Zope:
ZPygreSQL (the oldest; easy to install, but lacks threading features for
high-volume use); ZPoPy (more modern, but little recent development), and
psycopg (modern and actively developed)."

I'm using psycopg and it works fine. There are some differenceS (IMHO,
problems) with the way that ZPygreSQL handles NULL/blank values; expect some
work if you move from this to one of the others.

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> Hi!
> I'm a little bit confused about the number of choices for a PostgreSQL
> DA. There are at least pscopgda, popyda and pygresql. I can't figure out
> the differences resp advantages/disadvantages of the several adapters.
> Any hints?
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