[Zope-DB] Re: firebird/interbase storage problem

Bernard Devlin bernard.devlin@knowledgeworks.plus.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 20:19:41 -0700

kinterbasdb is one of the dependencies of InterbaseStorage.... so at some point
they worked together (I guess)

As for why would I want to do it... There are two neat (related) things that
come with Interbase 

1) you can mirror the databases (and control the mirroring updates from within
Interbase) to other hard drives - so one could have a near-realtime mirror of
the objects in Zope in the case of ZODB/filesystem corruption or hardware

2) Interbase databases (and firebird hopefully soon) can also be replicated to
other servers....

I'm kind of reluctant to put everything into the ZODB until I know enough to
make sure I can get it out again.  I think there are many other ways in which
one could make use of 

Of course, if I find that the perfomance degrades markedly, then I don't think
I'll be using anything but ZODB... 

An alternative (with, I guess, improved performance than Interbase) would be if
one could use MySQL dbs as the object storage for Zope.  Assuming of course,
that one can rely on Zope to take care of the transactions rather than MySQL
(not that I'm casting aspersions on MySQL, but I'm not sure that it would be
much faster than Interbase if one had it doing transactions too).

Anyway, I hope someone can give me some pointers with this...