[Zope-DB] Differences between PostgreSQL Adapters?

Nicola Larosa nico@tekNico.net
Tue, 14 May 2002 00:09:53 +0200

 > I'm a little bit confused about the number of choices for a PostgreSQL
 > DA. There are at least pscopgda, popyda and pygresql. I can't figure out
 > the differences resp advantages/disadvantages of the several adapters.

First came PyGreSQLDA, then PoPyDA, and last PsycoPGDA.

PyGreSQLDA seems obsolete, PoPyDA and PsycoPGDA are maintained and support
the latest Python DB-API, AFAICT.

I used PoPyDA without problems, did not yet try PsycoPGDA, but will soon.

It would be interesting that Michel Thierry (PoPyDA author) and Federico Di
Gregorio (PsycoPGDA author) clarified strengths and weaknesses of their

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