[Zope-DB] zodbc

Jim Pharis jpharis@rtl.org
29 May 2002 13:42:53 -0400

My employer would like me to development a web site with the one size
fits all databases approach similar to ODBC. So far I have found to
possible solutions to use with Zope, mxodbc and zodbcda. mxodbc seems to
be the best choice except for the one reason that PostgresSQL does not
currently work correctly. Currently PostgresSQL is what we use so that
leaves mxodbc out. zodbcda seems to be our best option then, however,
its not scalable. 

Are there any plans on making zodbcda multi-threaded? What options do we
have? Is zodbcda still supported? The latest version works with Zope 2.4
and Zope is up to version 2.5.   

Sincerely, Jim Pharis