[Zope-DB] ZODBC dictonaries

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:02:17 +0200

Oliver Marx wrote:
>> As I understand the concept of Zope DAs, these are components
>> which the user can install at will. The interfaces are standardized
>> so switching DAs shouldn't be a problem for the user, provided
>> that the applications built on top stick to the standard
>> interfaces.
>> That kind of strategy has proven to work well in the past
>> (certainly in the ODBC driver world and in general for middleware),
>> so I don't see any problem with licenses.
> Well, isn't it obvious? :)
> If the product relies on a DB then a DA is needed. If that DA is 
> commercial. Then the product is no longer free or Open Source. So your 
> DA can only be a temporary solution.

Not really: your product needs a DA but since the interface
is standard for all DAs, it is not bound to one particular DA.

The situation is a bit different if you are programming against
a particular database backend, unless you use an SQL abstraction
layer for the application logic.

Anyway, just thought I'd drop in a note about a possible
solution to your problem. No need to discuss licensing here :-)

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