[Zope-DB] DC2Oracle external method problem

Iain Bassam Iain.Bassam@sis.securicor.co.uk
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 15:18:50 +0100

Hi there,

I am encountering a problem trying to use DCOralce2 in an external method. I
am new to zope and python, so there may be an obvious answer that I'm
oblivious to.

I have installed DCOracle2 into ....\lib\python\Products\ZOracleDA as per
windows installation instructions and run the install script. Through zope I
can create a 'Z Oracle Database Connection' and query a database
sucessfully. I would however like to create an external method to achieve

I'm using the simple example in the DCOracle2 user guide, however I'm
getting some errors.

import DCOracle2
    def dbconnect(self, REQUEST):
    db = DCOracle2.connect('<user>/<password>@<connect string>')
    c = db.cursor()
    c.execute('select * from dual')
    print c.fetchall()

When I try to create the external method I get the error:
Error Type: ImportError
Error Value: No module named DCOracle2

If I copy DCOracle2.py and DCOracle2.c to .../bin/lib directory, which may
be a hack, I can create the external method, however running it causes the
following error.

Error Type: AttributeError
Error Value: 'DCOracle2' module has no attribute 'connect'

Any help as to where I'm going wrong would be greatly appreciated.



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